ICFIP 2023



ICFIP 2023 is successfully held virtually during Oct. 27-29, 2023. On behalf of the organizing committee, we appreciate the participation and support of all the attendees, keynote speakers, committee members, session chairs and everyone who has contributed to the success of ICFIP 2023.

Keynote Speech from Prof. Witold Pedrycz
(IEEE Life Fellow)
University of Alberta, Canada

Keynote Speech from Prof. Shaoying Liu
(IEEE Fellow, BCS Fellow, AAIA Fellow)
Hiroshima Univesrity, Japan

Keynote Speech from Dr. Branislav Vuksanovic
(Associate Head of School for Research and Innovation)
University of Portsmouth, UK

Session Group Photo

Session Group Photo

Session Group Photo

Session Group Photo
Excellent Presentation

            Title: Remote 6 DoF Simultaneous Localization And Mapping for network-enabled low-compute devices
            Presneter: Piotr Wójcik , 1000 realities sp. z o.o. , Poland